Safin Proposal’s Offered

a) Fully Documented Lump Sum - Negotiated or Competitive Tender

- Project fully documented - Safin will provide lump sum tender price incl programme and identification of project issues.
- Submission will be a negotiated tender or competitive tender.
- Tender will include competitive subcontract and supplier quotations together with Safin costs.
- Project will be managed by off and on site programmes and fulltime supervisor and regular client and subcontract meetings.
- Costs are reviewed continually with reports monthly.
- On completion Maintenance Manuals and As built documentation will be issued to client.

b) Design Development Lump sum

- Project not fully documented but 80-90% complete.
- Safin will provide design and construct submissions for services with tender submission as well as complete specification finishes and details.
- Tender will include scope, completed specifications, programme and will notify project issues.
- Once the lump sum and scope agreed the balance of the project will be as per the lump sum fully documented project.

c) Construction Management

- Safin will manage the project for a lump sum fee (options are available to include or exclude preliminaries).
- Involvement can commence in design phase for initial project cost plan or at documentation completion for complete construction
- Project is managed by programming and cost control with monthly project status and cost reports with full client involvement.
- Final subcontract selection can be at clients discretion.
- This system allows greater flexibility in design options, contractor selection and needs less documentation than lump sum tender. Earlier starts are also possible.
- Safin co-ordinate total building process including client and consultants.

d) Cost and Project Analysis

- Project budgets for early design concepts including options.
- Project estimates for more complete documentation.
- Project programming and analysis, including staging implications.
- Design options analysed..